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All About Under the Willow

Under the Willow Preschool is a natural and play based program that cultivates imagination, creativity, and social/emotional learning through play. We cultivate cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills—supported by our environment and our teachers.


The young child learns through play, social interactions, and from using their bodies. Children do not sit at desks at Under the Willow, but instead engage in a deeper learning, a rich curriculum where the child's work is their play. Young children live strongly in their imaginative life and eagerly imitate those around them. Our daily rhythm includes circle time and stories that help to develop the child's imagination and a loving relationship with the world around them.

Daily Activities include...

Baking/snack preparation

Puppet plays

Water color painting

Outside play

Nature walks

A deep reverence for ourselves, each other, and the world at large is carefully fostered at Under the Willow. Our environment is formed with intention, therefore fostering both personal and social learning. Our teachers work with a deep understanding of child development and through the indications and principles of Waldorf education.

Under the Willow offers Sweet Pea Parent Child Classes, a Mixed Age Preschool & Kindergarten Program, as well as Rose Garden Afternoon Care.

Meet Jackie Randazzo

Miss Jackie, lead teacher and owner of Under the Willow, has always had a lifelong love of children, animals, and nature. When she first learned about Waldorf education, she had the feeling of having "come home."

Jackie received her Waldorf Teacher training from Sunbridge College in New York and has 25 years of teaching experience.


As a Parent/Child and Mixed Aged Kindergarten teacher, Jackie models for families Waldorf principles and methodologies in child rearing. Her work nurtures children and their families—through rhythm, stories, circle, and a deep connection to the seasons and their festivals.

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